The Project

There were high requirements for the planning and realisation of the new warehouses, as Dipl. Ing. André Sauerbrey, Head of Operational Management at Ursapharm, reports: “The temperature conditions are supposed to be the same as in production.” In addition, during the planning phase, Ursapharm came to the conclusion that the end product should also be stored there as well as the folding boxes, labels and package inserts. Ursapharm set itself the challenge that the maximum temperature deviation between the temperature loggers in the entire hall in the high-bay warehouse may only be a maximum of ±1 °C throughout the year. “For example, when it’s warm in the summer, our eye ointment would liquefy if there were no cooling and there would no longer be any guarantee that the active ingredient would work as it should. That’s why the best possible storage temperature is carefully tested in advance,” explains Nadine Ritz, Operational Management Assistant at Ursapharm.

Facts at a glance

Hall footprints

High-bay warehouse: 4,600 m²
Block warehouse: 1,300 m²


Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels
(custom-made with LED strips)

Thermal output / cooling capacity

approx. 330 kW / approx. 148 kW

Zehnder ZIP Radiant Ceiling Panels

Pharmaceutical companies have to meet strict testing criteria and standards, primarily Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which refers to quality assurance practices for pharmaceutical production processes and environments. Ursapharm is also FDA-certified and permitted to sell in the American market. For this reason, it was important for the company to have heating and cooling technology that keeps the temperature precise and constant while also distributing it evenly. In addition, the heating and cooling system needed to be energy efficient, maintenance free and user friendly.

The radiant ceiling panels made it possible to not only achieve constant temperature distribution throughout the entire hall at all levels, but also comply with the high temperature stability required. This was then confirmed using extensive measurement technology:

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