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At Zehnder, we aim to empower professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Explore our sectors and knowledge resources to learn how we can support you.

Supporting industry professionals

Zehnder is committed to supporting professionals across various sectors in their work. Whether you're an installer looking for efficient heating and ventilation systems, a developer in need of sustainable building solutions, or an interior designer seeking stylish radiators, we have the solutions and resources you need. Explore our offerings for different professions and discover how Zehnder can support your work.

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Tailored solutions for every project

Comfort and efficiency are universal needs, irrespective of the development type. We strive to create comfortable and energy-efficient environments in every sector. Whether it's student accommodation, social housing, build-to-rent properties, care homes, warehouses, hospitality venues, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, or office spaces, Zehnder's solutions ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.

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Keeping you informed on relevant topics

Staying informed is essential in today's fast-paced world. At Zehnder, we offer comprehensive resources on various topics relevant to heating, cooling, and ventilation. From laws and regulations to indoor air quality, overheating, social housing, Passive House standards, retrofitting, sustainability, and smart home technologies, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest information and trends.

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Elevate your skills and knowledge

At Zehnder Academy, we're dedicated to helping professionals excel in their fields. We offer a range of resources, from specification guidance and continuing professional development courses to training and case studies. Whether you're looking to learn about radiant heating ceiling panels or the role of MVHR in Passive House design, Zehnder Academy has the resources you need to elevate your skills and knowledge.

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Training Flyer, expert consultation, course, CSY training center, academy, Comfo
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