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Decorative Radiators

Accreditations & Compliance

Here at Zehnder, as proud members of MARC, we understand that providing the highest quality heating solutions begins with abiding by strict industry regulations and maintaining key accreditations. Ensuring that our products are both safe and efficient is a commitment we hold in the highest regard.

MARC (Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors)

As a proud member of MARC, we are dedicated to upholding the high standards that this association expects of its members. MARC members are continuously working to improve industry standards and consumer protection in relation to heating products.

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The Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Product

If you end up with a radiator that is “under-sized” due to incorrectly published outputs, the consequences can be costly:

  1. It won't adequately heat the space it was purchased for.
  2. You'll need to run the boiler at higher temperatures.
  3. This will lead to more fuel being burned and more CO2 emissions.
  4. Your heating costs will increase.
  5. It may affect the life cycle of your boiler or heat source.

Affiliated Companies

Regulations for electric heating

Eco Design

We're deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products. That's why we are focused on developing Eco Design compliant radiators and convectors. These products are designed to consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions, without compromising on performance or comfort. In doing so, we're helping our customers move towards a more sustainable future.

Zehnder products that fall within the scope of the Eco Design Directive offer high quality performance with efficient controls to help reduce unnecessary energy wastage and running costs including;

  • Low energy consumption when on stand-by (<0.5 watts)
  • Programmable operation (weekly)
  • Open window detection
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