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Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Zehnder ComfoClime

For highly insulated homes seeking enhanced comfort, Zehnder ComfoClime offers advanced air temperation solutions that counteract overheating challenges. Balancing precise ventilation with temperature regulation, it provides a modern climate control solution and helps to ensure optimal comfort throughout changing seasons.

Nowadays, it is easier to keep a house warm in winter than cool during the summer months. What are the consequences and why it is a challenge?

Building Regulations

New buildings such as passive houses with extremely effective insulation are supported by building regulations. In these airtight homes sufficient exchange of fresh air can no longer be ensured through natural ventilation alone.

Climate Change

As the climate is changing, tropical summer days are leading to overheated houses with unpleasant indoor climate causing insomnia and increasing health risks, especially for vulnerable people.

Health Issues

Limited ventilation options, heat from a district heating network, electrical heating sources and everyday human activities have a negative effect on rising temperaturesand humidity within houses.

Comfortable Tempered Fresh Air

Zehnder ComfoClime 36 not only prevents overheating in residential buildings but provides additional heat in winter. Zehnder ComfoClime 36 is combined with Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 or Q600 complementing its features to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor climate in an energy-efficient way. The system exhausts warm, humid, stale air while enabling fresh, well-tempered, filtered outdoor air to enter the house. This increases our focus, performance, and quality of sleep to put us in a better mood and full of energy.

Awarded 'Domestic Ventilation Product of the Year' at H&V News Award 2023

Benefits of Zehnder ComfoClime 36 with Zehnder ComfoAir Q

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Zehnder ComfoClime 36

  • Zehnder ComfoClime 36 adds comfortable cooling (air temperation) and heating to the fresh filtered air provided by the Zehnder ComfoAir Q ventilation unit
  • Ideal for space saving retrofit installation on top of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q
  • Complete automatic integration of both units offering the best-in-class indoor climate
  • Inverter technology enables improved modulation of thermal power, maximising the heat pump efficiency and reducing the power consumption
  • State-of-the-art air-to-air heat pump technology with highly efficient refrigerant gas (R32)
  • Easy and space-saving installation of left- or right-handed units directly on top of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q450 and Q600

Learn more about the Zehnder ComfoClime 36

Zehnder ComfoAir Q

  • The ClimateSwitch technology ensures the best automatically adjusted indoor climate all year round
  • 100% fresh and filtered air for a healthy indoor climate
  • Patented enthalpic exchanger for the best comfort in summer and winter thanks to both heat and humidity recovery
  • The diamond enthalpy exchanger and latest fan technology ensure maximum heat recovery at low energy consumption and 96% top-notch efficiency
  • Automatic modulating bypass for passive free cooling and heating
  • Quick and easy commissioning through constant air flow and with the assistance of the Zehnder ComfoControl App

Learn more about the Zehnder ComfoAir Q  

Zehnder ComfoControl App

  • Step by step guide to enable quick and easy commissioning
  • Unified thermoregulation and control system of all system components
  • Option for automatic or manual operation to cater all indoor climate needs
  • Remote control to monitor your indoor climate in each room
  • Integration of local and remote monitoring for user and assistance service (optional)

Compatible with Zehnder ComfoTube Therm

The Zehnder ComfoTube Therm ductwork is available as 90mm diameter circular (90mm) and oval shaped (Flat 51). This high performance insulated semi-rigid ductwork ideal for residential applications. A low profile and innovative thermal properties make it the ideal ductwork for use with the Zehnder range of climate conditioning devices such as Zehnder ComfoClime and Zehnder ComfoPost in small ceiling voids.

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ComfoTube Therm Flat 51 ventilation tube, 51x138 mm, 10 m, black, insulated
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