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ComfoClime 36

    The Zehnder ComfoClime 36 is the NEW next generation air temperation device designed to help reduce the risk of overheating in homes and supplement heat in the winter. It combines with the ComfoAir Q450 or Q600 and compliments its features to ensure it automatically activates and deactivates to provide a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. The Zehnder ComfoAir Q, with state of the art design and intelligent technology, regardless of whether you are working on a new build or an old building, with Zehnder comfortable ventilation you have an innovative, tried and tested complete system. It contains features such as its automatic modulating true summer by-pass, world class heat recovery efficiency and integrated humidity sensor to provide a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate.

    Focus benefits

    All-in-one solution

    Ideal for retrofit installation with Zehnder ComfoAir Q. Complete automatic integration of both units keeping homes warm in winter and cool during the summer months.

    Comfo Clime, save energy, save money,

    Energy saving

    The game changing air treatment capability is achieved through energy saving air-to-air heat pump-based inverter technology.

    Plug & play installation

    Zehnder ComfoClime is designed to fit exactly on top of Zehnder ComfoAir Q. Both units are connected with the Zehnder ComfoNet cable and immediately ready to go.

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    • Up to 1.7 kW cooling capacity.
    • Up to 2.2 kW heating capacity.
    • Independently tested cooling and heating capacity to EN 14511 and EN 16573
    • Fully automatic activation of ComfoClime and increased ventilation rate in summer and winter, with automatic enabling due to Climate Switch technology without the need for user intervention.
    • Easy and space-saving installation of left or right handed units directly on top of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q450.
    • Left or right hand configuration through software alone, no mechanical alteration required.
    • Choice of left or right handed condensate trap for flexibility on site.
    • No external device required, just utilise the ventilation units ductwork.
    • Filtered fresh supply air, not recycled stale air, using ISO Coarse 65% (G4) as standard with the option to upgrade to ISO ePM1 55% (F7).


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