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Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Optimum comfort with humidity recovery

The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger creates a comfortable indoor climate and high indoor air quality thanks to thanks to both heat and humidity recovery.

How does the Zehnder Enthalpy exchanger work?

The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger recovers both the thermal and the latent energy from the stale air extracted from wet rooms around the home. This additional energy, which would otherwise have been lost, is transferred into the incoming fresh air stream before being supplied to habitable rooms.

Choosing the enthalpy exchanger, rather than the standard heat exchanger, means that the unit becomes an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, as opposed to solely a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system.


Optimum indoor air quality in both winter and summer, while energy savings provide complete customer satisfaction.

Energy-efficient and reliable

With humidity recovery, frost protection is only necessary when the temperature drops to around -6 °C. The frost-resistant membrane is extremely robust.

More planning flexibility

More flexible planning and installation, as there is no need for a condensate drain under normal conditions.

Unique in terms of maintenance and hygiene

The patented membrane prevents the transfer of spores and bacteria. The enthalpy exchanger is easy to clean with water.

What's special about the Zehnder Enthalpy membrane?

The membrane is so advanced that it blocks the transfer of any odour or contaminants without inhibiting the energy transfer. Furthermore, the membrane has built-in antimicrobial technology for mould and bacteria resistance, making the Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger ultra-hygienic.

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    At a glance

    • High efficiency with up to 80% heat recovery and up to 70% humidity recovery
    • Optimum flow characteristics and low pressure loss ensure efficient operation
    • The humidity recovery means it is only necessary to introduce frost protection or activate a pre-heater when the temperature drops to -6 °C, which means high energy efficiency
    • Long service life for maximum peace of mind
    • Reliability thanks to consistent performance
    • Robust, frost-resistant membrane
    Hygiene & simple maintenance
    • The Zehnder enthalpy exchanger can be removed in a few simple steps and is easy to clean with water
    • The patented polymer membrane prevents the transfer of spores and bacteria
    • Thanks to the design and patented membrane, only minimal maintenance is required
    Flexible & easy to retrofit
    • Zehnder enthalpy exchangers can be easily retrofitted at any time
    • Directly replaces Zehnder standard heat exchanger
    • More flexibility in planning and installation, as there is no need for a condensate drain under normal conditions
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