Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

To align with the UK's anticipated growth and expansion in the utilisation of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Zehnder have a dedicated team who are focused on serving the emerging needs and opportunities within this sector.

Leveraging more than three decades of collective experience in delivering innovative ventilation solutions, we embody a collaborative work ethos that drives our mission. We strive to share our knowledge, insights, and learning across every project we undertake, fostering a synergistic environment that values teamwork and shared growth.

We are staunch advocates for close cooperation with other technology and solution providers. This includes the integration of our Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units with Heat Pumps, demonstrating our commitment to cutting-edge, energy-efficient solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Design Support

  • In-house BIM/Revit designs with pre-manufacturing verification
  • Designs that focus on connections between pods and ease of assembly and/or commissioning along
  • Designs that provide a kit of parts for minimal waste via a lean construction approach.
  • Provides a focus on ease of long-term maintenance including facilitating the periodic cleaning of the ductwork.

Utility Cupboards

  • Experience with working with several offsite-manufactured utility/plant cupboard providers including two show homes now installed at the BRE Innovation Park
  • Developed ‘first fix manifolds’ – to facilitate tidy, airtight connections to the top of our units and semi rigid ducting manifolds
  • Developed ‘transportation clips’ to securely affix smaller MVHR units to prevent damage during transit from factory to site


  • Volumetric podded assemblies for kitchen and bathroom
  • In unit M&E central equipment assemblies
  • Panelised / linear assemblies for facades, roof and floor cassettes

Installation support

  • Tailored support for a diverse range of MVHR systems
  • Providing onsite / offsite installation training and ‘toolbox talks’
  • Providing Nationwide 3rd party commissioning, warranties, call outs and repairs via our network of Service Partners
  • Also offer several CPDs for clients


  • Help clients comply with Approved Documents Part L, Part F and the introduction of Part O (Overheating prevention)
  • Provides a portfolio of ventilation solutions including purge fans, air tempering modules for MVHR, chilled/warm water coils and Heat Pump integration
  • All solutions meet PassivHaus standards
  • Employing smart controls, phone apps and remote monitoring / datalogging of multiple devices.
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