Heating & Cooling Ceilings

Areas of application

Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution for various environments, from production halls to hospitals. By offering uniform temperature control, noise reduction, and clean operation without dispersing dust, these panels enhance comfort, hygiene, and adaptability across different settings.

Production halls & warehouses

An energy-saving heating system is essential for production halls and warehouses. The radiant ceiling panels are just the right heating system for these areas. It is important, particularly in a production hall, to create a comfortable climate for the workers and also to be able to adapt the hall to production requirements at any time. The arrangement of the radiant panels on the ceiling makes it easy to reconfigure the halls later on. Radiant ceiling panels are also ideal for high-bay warehouses. They are installed on the ceiling along the aisles and warm the whole hall evenly.

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Sports halls

Apart from heating the entire hall evenly, comfort is one of the most important considerations that a sports hall heating system has to fulfil. The radiant ceiling panel is ideally suited to this task. What's more, the radiant panel is extremely energy efficient and can quickly bring the temperature inside the hall to the desired level, thanks to its low storage mass.

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Exhibition rooms and showrooms

In order to achieve a comfortable climate, an energy-saving system such as radiant ceiling panels, can be used in showrooms and exhibition rooms. However, this is by no means the only advantage that the radiant panel has to offer. Unlike conventional air heaters, which stir up a lot of dust in the room due to the air eddies they create, the radiant principle of the radiant ceiling panel allows it to work cleanly, without dispersing dust. This considerably reduces the frequency with which rooms and products have to be cleaned.

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Employee performance is one of the most important considerations in an office. To keep this as efficient as possible, it is especially important for people to feel good in these spaces. This level of comfort can only be achieved by conditioning the air in the room with a cooling and heating ceiling. The radiant ceiling panel not only works silently, but can also significantly reduce noise, e.g. caused by telephone conversations.

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The cooling and heating ceiling creates an even temperature throughout the room and can be felt wherever you are sitting. It is important to create a comfortable indoor climate in order for pupils and teachers to concentrate better. The radiant ceiling panel also offers ideal energy consumption and easy maintenance. Due to the low storage mass, the panels can precisely regulate the room temperature even with continually changing internal loads such as the additional heat given off from computers and people, thereby saving precious energy. Maintenance is also simple, as the ceiling is maintenance-free and protected against damage because of where it is installed.

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Two aspects have to be taken into consideration in hospitals. Firstly, the comfort of the patients and secondly, the hygiene in the individual rooms. Two claims that are positively influenced by the cooling and heating ceiling. Due to the high radiant component and low air movement in the room, patients perceive the cooling and heating provided by such a system as particularly comfortable. There are no unpleasant draughts and no irritating noises as is normally the case with pure air systems. The radiant principle of the cooling and heating ceiling minimises the movement of air in the room as well as the spread of dust, viruses and bacteria.

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