As a world leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and ventilation systems we are proud to be working to help people create the best indoor climate and improve quality of life. However, our commitment to the climate has extended beyond internal infrastructure and looks towards the planet as a whole. We believe through positive action, we can help to create a better, greener, and healthier future for our planet and the people who live on it.

People and Processes

At Zehnder, we recognise the collective responsibility all our employees have towards protecting the environment and each other. We encourage individual action to reduce the creation of waste and decrease harm to the planet and people: reflecting on existing operating practices and disposing of materials in a safe and responsible manner.

By empowering the individual with responsibility and creating an environment where every person is able to speak freely, we believe this allows us to become a safe and responsible employer and to improve our business as a whole.

Production and Distribution

From the design of our products and the materials we use, to the process of production and distribution, we are constantly seeking ways to lower our impact on the environment. We have already significantly reduced the amount of plastic packaging and excess paper on many of our most popular products and we continue to innovate and advance the use of renewable energy in our factories and worksites.

As a manufacturer we pride ourselves on a strong ethical trading practice, and constantly review our suppliers, trading partners and commercial customers to ensure they share our commitment to high standards in individual well-being and environmental commitment.

Planet and Communities

We believe one of the most impactful ways we can help to create a more sustainable future is to foster a culture committed to protecting life and preventing harm in any form. We encourage all our employees to reflect on the Zehnder values of Curiosity, Customer Focus, Openness, Respect and Trust and believe that these lead to a more diverse and inclusive working environment - which can extend into every aspect of daily life.

Through a number of initiatives we celebrate the good in all our employees and local communities and strive to understand, support and empower people to care about the legacy we leave for future generations.

2,000 tonnes of CO2 saved

Since the beginning of 2022, Zehnder’s Lahr plant has been supplied with sustainably generated electricity from hydropower, almost halving the site’s CO2 footprint.

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Limiting our impact on the planet

At Zehnder, we have a number of environmental and societal values which we aspire to meet as part of our commitment to limiting our impact on the planet. As our world changes and businesses adapt to new information and awareness of environmental impact we look to our values to ensure we are able to continue to be a force for good.

We are proud to hold ISO 140001 certification for nearly all of our own manufacturing facilities, which sets out a framework for effective environmental management systems and which encourages continual improvement. We are actively looking at ways to more effectively measure and reduce our Carbon Footprint beyond our existing targets and goals.

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At Zehnder, we know happy employees are the foundation of a good company. We believe it is our duty to ensure all our employees are paid fairly and given the opportunity to progress their careers and skills. As a business, we are also committed to rooting out unfair practices throughout our supply chain - as outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement.

View our Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

From solar panels scheduled to be fitted on our Maidstone factory, to the use of energy generated by hydropower plants in our German factory (view our certification by clicking the link below) - we are committed to continuously investing in green electricity from renewable sources.

Green Energy Certificate

We are committed to provide a safe, diverse and inclusive workspace centred around equal opportunity and freedom of expression for all our employees and customers. By investing in training in areas such as inclusivity and leadership principles for all our employees we believe we can create a happier and more open working environment for all.

As a manufacturer and distributor of goods, we know it is our responsibility to limit waste. By introducing more sustainable recycled material (including repurposed ocean plastics) into our products and reducing excess waste, we can believe we can create better, more ethically produced products.

The way many of us work has fundamentally changed over the past few years. Wherever they choose to work, we believe our employees should be provided with the correct equipment to do their job effectively, safely and comfortably.

We believe that sustainable digitalisation can create a fertile ground for a strong digital ecosystem and dramatically reduce resource-use and pollution. We encourage all our employees to develop and innovate in emerging technologies, helping them communicate more effectively, and allowing them to explore new business opportunities and relationships.

Transparency around sustainability efforts is crucial to ensuring organisations are held accountable for their actions or non-action when it comes to environmental commitments and policies. The Zehnder sustainability goals are regularly reviewed to ensure we are held to account and can continue to be committed to improve our business.

As part of the Zehnder Group, we are privileged to be part of a truly global company. Every day we work with colleagues all around the world and we believe that through respectful collaboration with other cultures we can learn new ways to do business and communicate.

Success Stories

Radiator Shrink Film Improvement

Since July 2022 the shrink film protecting our radiators during transit, storage and installation is made from 30% recycled material. The film is also 100% recyclable and neutral to groundwater.

Extract Fan Packaging

We have begun phasing out the use of unnecessary plastic across products manufactured in the UK. Our Unity CV2.1 extract fan is shipped in 100% brown cardboard with no additional plastic packaging.

The WOW! Awards

Positive reviews have an important and direct impact on any business. This is why we have partnered with the WOW! Awards to recognise employees for their hard work and commitment to our company values.

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