Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with NOx Filters

At Zehnder, we offer comprehensive Heat Recovery and NOx Filtration solutions, optimally designed to combat air pollution, uphold regulations, and enrich your indoor environment with clean, balanced, and fresh air without compromising on performance and efficiency.

Understanding the air quality challenge

According to DEFRA, NO2 pollution is a significant concern, causing up to 23,500 premature deaths annually and contributing to the increasing incidence of childhood Asthma. With many boroughs now being declared as Air Quality Management Areas, complying with Air Pollution and Indoor Air Quality regulations is more critical than ever.

Integrating Heat Recovery and NOx filtration

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), a comprehensive household solution, is recognised for its ability to improve indoor air quality by delivering balanced and filtered fresh air. The process of drawing outside air into an energy-efficient home necessitates filtration. Standard MVHR units provide G3 filtration to sieve out pollen and similar airborne particles. However, to meet stricter air quality regulations, high-grade filters can be integrated into the system. These NOx filters typically combine G3 and carbon filtration to ensure superior air quality.

Comfo Air Q, basement room, laundry room, milieu, CA Q,

Zehnder NOx Filtration System

Zehnder's NOx filtration system, designed to meet Air Quality Planning Regulations, integrates seamlessly with all MVHR models, including the Zehnder ComfoAir Q. Our system minimises energy use and ensures a long lifespan between 2-5 years, reducing maintenance frequency.

Our unique features include an integrated sight glass that allows for quick filter status assessments without opening the entire front panel. The filter cartridge comprises a series of G3 and Carbon Filters, the latter with a colour grading system signalling when replacement is due.

Design Considerations for NOx Filtration

Installing Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery and NOx filters must be approached as a holistic whole-house solution, as the performance is dependent on all components functioning harmoniously.

Key considerations when specifying NOx filters include:

  • Sizing: Correct sizing is crucial to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Location: The filter should be positioned post MVHR Unit for maximum lifespan and oriented horizontally.
  • Certification: Ensure the filter meets the required levels of filtration. With Zehnder, you can be confident in the efficiency, longevity, and superior performance of your air filtration system.

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