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Zehnder ComfoAir Q

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q heat recovery unit offers unparalleled ventilation performance. Remarkably efficient and cost-effective, offering comprehensive expansion possibilities, the ComfoAir Q sets the foundation for the ultimate indoor climate experience.

Simply unbelievable efficiency

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q range helps provides the best and most efficient performance while offering a simple and easy process through design, installation and commissioning processes. Taking comfort to the next level the intuitive design of the system and its controls ensures that the indoor climate is perfect, no matter what is going on outside.

ComfoAir Q units are also part of a total system solution for the best ventilation solution for a home - including zero leakage and space saving ducting options.

World class performance

Zehnder ComfoAir Q Heat Recovery units offer an outstanding and world class 96% heat recovery efficiency and SFP as low as 0.53 (Q450 model) as a result of a design that maximises heat transfer and helps overcome air resistance.

At every point Zehnder ComfoAir Q is the best choice- for SAP, for energy performance, for indoor air quality and importantly for the homeowner. Find out more about the technology that is driving this excellent performance and which also contributes to an easier commissioning process.

Complete flexibility

Right and Left handing is achieved through one single unit to reduce time and hassle on site and eliminate the chance of getting it wrong. 

Simply swap over the filters and the pre-heater to change the configuration. 

The Zehnder ComfoAir Q is a universal product which can be used in many types of dwelling layouts easily.

Commissioning wizard

Upon first commissioning the unit tells you the maximum airflow being achieved before guiding you through the steps required to ensure optimal performance.

You then simply ‘dial a duty’ for the required speeds (from the design drawings) and the system automatically sets the running speeds. This ensures that airflow rates are met without the need to have to keep adjusting the speed manually on the unit – saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Easy monitoring

Zehnder ComfoAir Q can be maintained conveniently and practically both manually and remotely. Installers are able to easily monitor installed systems through an online portal which provides visibility of the current status of the system and plan ahead. The ventilation unit is also easy to check: the components are easy to access, clean and replace. The display on the ventilation unit shows information about the respective status.

Easy & accurate installation

With Zehnder ComfoAir Q units you can simple plug and play on-site helping save time and money through a simple set up process. Right and Left handing is achieved through one single unit to eliminate the chance of getting it wrong and give flexibility on site.

ComfoAir Q is a universal product which can be used in many types of dwelling layouts easily - find out more about this range of Heat Recovery units and how they offer the easiest on-site practice .

Comfo Air Q, cut-out plate, flat, straight,CA Q,

Maximum living comfort

With Zehnder ComfoAir Q you can help deliver the perfect indoor climate into living spaces. The system helps to deliver comfortable temperatures, provides fresh air and protects against excessive humidity at a practically silent operation. Dust and pollen filters, CO2 sensors, summer by-pass technology, and more, help to ensure the ComfoAir Q is able to provide comfort all year round.

Unique Heat Exchanger

The world class 96% performance is achieved through an innovatively designed diamond shaped heat exchanger that maxmises heat transfer with 25% more surface area.

Did you know - when comparing two MVHR units, one with 87% heat recovery efficiency and one with 94%  - a 25% reduction in heating costs is achieved (heat lost through ventilation)

Air filtration

A heat recovery system like Zehnder ComfoAir Q provides 100% of the ventilation requirements to a home, therefore filtration of supply air is crucial to well being and health - and can be particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.  Filters for the Zehnder ComfoAir Q range are G4 and F7 (F7 for Passivhaus).

CO2 sensors

Zehnder ComfoAir Q constantly measures air quality using optional CO2 sensors. This automatically guarantees a constant balance of supply air and extract air volumes. The supply air volume is adjusted to the air quality in the individual rooms and ensures a healthy indoor air climate. This Flow Control controller perfectly combines optimum, healthy air quality with maximum energy savings. 

Modulating Summer By Pass

A summer bypass reduces overheating by ceasing heat recovery and supplying fresh air when outdoor temperatures peak, but this doesn't consider indoor conditions. The modulating bypass, however, uses temperature, humidity, and a smart algorithm to balance internal and external conditions for optimal comfort.

Air in, noise out

Zehnder ComfoAir Q delivers ultra quiet noise levels to the home by managing airflow and lowering resistance – the innovative and patented airflow channels and grids allow air to move easily through the unit without noise.

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