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BIM Toolkit

Elevate your indoor climate design with Zehnder Group UK's comprehensive BIM Toolkit. Expertly curated, this resource centralises a wide array of products and components, enabling streamlined specifications and seamless integration into your projects.

Supporting modern ventilation design

Zehnder's BIM Toolkit is a Level 1 BIM template designed to help installers and consultants develop indoor climate designs which are compliant with the latest Building Regulations. The Toolkit includes 3D models of Zehnder's ComfoSystem components, including ductwork, MVHR units, and manifolds.

Download BIM Toolkit (135 MB)

MVHR Units

As buildings embrace heightened airtightness, the role of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) becomes increasingly pivotal. Our BIM Toolkit includes 3D models of our ComfoAir range of MVHR units, including our Passive House Certified ComfoAir Q range. 

Ducting & Associated Components

The right ducting solution is instrumental in achieving optimal airflow. Our components give specifiers the ability to create layouts which meeting the unique requirements of today's modern methods of construction.

Revit-Ready BIM Integration

Designed to work seamlessly with Autodesk Revit, a software application tailored for Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sectors, our toolkit provides a 3D rendering of each component.

Understanding BIM

A Technical Overview of BIM Levels

At this foundational level, the model provides a basic 2D or 3D visual representation without extensive background data parameters. It serves as a fundamental reference, suitable for initial project visualisation.

Advancing from Level 1, this incorporates critical data within the model, making it an integrative platform. It encompasses relevant details essential for all project stakeholders, ensuring consistent information dissemination across the design, installation, and management phases.

This represents a comprehensive collaborative approach. Multiple stakeholders access and contribute to a centralised online model in real-time. The model's dynamic nature allows instantaneous updates, promoting efficient coordination and streamlining project delivery.

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