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Embrace next-level comfort with radiant ceiling panels

Zehnder heating and cooling ceilings introduce the perfect harmony of energy efficiency and comfort into any space. For all types of rooms and buildings, find a system that fits seamlessly into your architectural design.

Efficiency and comfort

At Zehnder, we see ceilings as more than just the top of a room. We believe they should contribute actively to the comfort and efficiency of your environment. Our heating and cooling ceilings transform energy management and comfort, offering a practical yet innovative solution to temperature control.

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Advanced ceiling systems for energy-efficient spaces

Zehnder Alumline
Climate Ceiling Panel

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Zehnder ZFP Urban
Decorative Radiant Ceiling Panel

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Climate Ceiling Panel

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Ceiling panels for every project

Zehnder's heating and cooling ceilings are designed to adapt and enhance a variety of spaces, from sprawling commercial halls to cosy residential rooms. These systems offer a sophisticated balance of energy efficiency and comfort, ensuring optimal temperature control without compromising on the aesthetics of your space.

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Zehnder ZFP

Key advantages of specifying Heating & Cooling Ceilings for your next project

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Maximise energy efficiency

Our heating and cooling ceiling systems are meticulously designed. With the flexibility to select your preferred energy source, you can seamlessly integrate our heating and cooling ceilings with renewable energies or a heat pump. This enables energy savings of up to 40%.

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Unmatched comfort

Benefit from an even and gentle distribution of temperature, eliminating the possibility of drafts and uncomfortable temperature swings. The outcome is a snug and serene indoor environment that envelops occupants in a comfortable climate.

Simplified installation process

Whether it's a new build or a retrofit project - the installation of the heating and cooling ceiling is quick and easy in any room from 2m to 50m in height. In addition, the installation on the ceiling helps to provide more flexibility in architectural design through the rest of the room.

Frequently asked questions about Heating & Cooling Ceiling Panels

Instead of warming the room air directly, ceiling heating or radiant ceiling panels employ the principle of radiant heat. This concept is similar to the warmth of the sun's rays on a chilly winter's day. During heating, the heat blanket emits thermal energy as infrared radiation, warming the surfaces and objects in the room.

The cooling ceiling absorbs thermal energy in the room and transfers it to the water-carrying pipe system that operates within the cooling ceiling system. The cool water extracts heat from surfaces and objects in the room, creating a pleasant coolness and an optimal climate.

Yes, these systems pair perfectly. A heating and cooling ceiling can be operated with a heat pump, with the heat pump serving as part of a water-based heating system. The supply temperatures are very low, similar to underfloor heating, ranging from 45 to 60°C. For optimal design for efficient heat transfer, we would be happy to advise you.

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