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Window vents, also known as trickle vents, are an effective way to improve indoor air quality in dwellings through passive ventilation. By allowing a controlled amount of fresh air to enter the room, window vents help to reduce condensation, dampness, and mould growth. Both window and wall vents are a popular choice in the UK due to their effectiveness, energy efficiency, and ease of installation.

Passive Slotvents

Our Passive Slotvent range is extensive and will cater for all your needs, with a wide range of equivalent area performances and installation options that comply with current Building Regulations for passive ventilation.

Included are slimline products suitable for the narrowest of window profiles, low profile options that are discreet when installed and vents with clip-fit options that can dramatically reduce the time of installation in manufacture or on site.

Acoustic Ventilation

The Acoustic Ventilation range ensures the required level of ventilation is provided whilst reducing the transfer of noise when dwellings are situated close to busy roads and airports. A full range of window and wall ventilators are available, including the highest performing product in the UK.

Passive Acoustic Window Ventilation

Explore Our Acoustic Window Ventilation Range

Passive Acoustic Wall Ventilation

Explore Our Acoustic Wall Ventilation Range

Perfect Partners
Our passive ventilation solutions are ideally suited to work alongside our range of industry-leading dMEV fans.

First choice for passive ventilation

Zehnder, under the Greenwood brand, is a trusted name among window fabricators across the UK for providing high-quality, precision-engineered window vents. Our solutions enhance window designs, improve indoor air quality, and are fully compliant with the latest UK building regulations. Explore why we are the preferred choice for integrated passive ventilation solutions

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Frequently asked questions about Window Vents & Trickle Vents

Window vents work by allowing a controlled amount of fresh air to enter the room through a small opening in the window frame. This helps to improve indoor air quality and prevent the build-up of moisture, pollutants, and allergens.

Yes, window vents are very easy to install and can be fitted to most types of windows. They can be retrofitted to existing windows or included in new window installations.

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