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Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Air Distribution

Zehnder's comprehensive range of air distribution solutions, designed to efficiently route air from our ventilation systems to targeted spaces within your home or building, are perfect for new construction, renovations, and various project requirements. From thermal-insulated ducting and ancillaries, versatile ducting manifolds, to grilles and valves, we provide everything you need to create an efficient and flexible air distribution network for heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

Benefits of an Air Distribution System

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Indoor Comfort

A well-designed air distribution system ensures the equal distribution of air throughout an indoor space. This eliminates hot and cold areas, making the environment more comfortable for occupants. Optimal air distribution helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels, preventing discomfort and ensuring a pleasant indoor environment.

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Adaptation and Zoning

A good air distribution system can easily adapt to changes in a building’s layout or occupancy requirements. It can accommodate renovations or extensions without significant modifications. What’s more, zoning options enable selective airflow control for different areas, providing personalised comfort and increased energy efficiency by refreshing only the necessary spaces.

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Silent Operation

An efficient air distribution system ensures no noise distribution caused by the indoor ventilation system and eliminates cross-talk effects. This is especially important in spaces where low noise is crucial for productivity, concentration and comfort. A well-designed system blocks out noise interference during work, rest, or communication.

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Zehnder RapidLock®
Revolutionises the Way You Work

Our innovative Zehnder RapidLock® Connection makes connecting your air distribution system effortless. Eliminate tedious gasket-greasing and disassembling intricate clips. In future, components connected with Zehnder RapidLock® will be identifiable from the icon on the left. 

Zehnder Air Distribution at a Glance

Air distribution delivers fresh air in indoor spaces equally and effectively. It helps maintain a healthy environment by ensuring effective and silent ventilation, as well as temperature control. It comes in all shapes and sizes – so there’s a perfect system for every project. Make your installation process as simple as possible and let yourself and your customers reap the full benefits of better air quality in their homes and commercial buildings.

As a leading provider of indoor ventilation solutions, Zehnder offers a wide range of air distribution systems tailored to meet various building requirements and applications. Discover our expertise and explore the vast array of products we have to offer.


Products with Zehnder RapidLock® Connection

Our intuitive Zehnder RapidLock® Connection has been designed to be easy to use and with a focus on security. Developed in line with the Zehnder range of insulated and non-insulated ducts, the Zehnder RapidLock® Connection is the only choice if you want a safe, efficient and easy way of connecting your air distribution system.

Products with Zehnder RapidLock® Connection
ComfoWell Mounting Plate

Perfect for connecting the Zehnder ComfoTube round with the system.

Products with Zehnder RapidLock® Connection
CLD Metal

A low-maintenance supply- and exhaust-air unit composed of a metal housing and a suitable connection flange with a secure sliding mechanism for a Zehnder ComfoTube, the flexible air distribution duct.

Products with Zehnder RapidLock® Connection
ComfoFit bend

Horizontal bend for a 90-degree redirection of the Zehnder ComfoTube.

The Zehnder RapidLock® Connection makes connecting air distribution ducts safe, simple and efficient, and ensures easy maintenance. For all professionals wanting to improve the quality of air, the Zehnder RapidLock® Connection is a must-have. See how easy it is:

Semi-rigid Ducting

Zehnder's range of ducting offers an efficient and easy to install solution for creating an ideal indoor climate. The semi-rigid ducting system can be customised for any building structure, ensuring optimal airflow for any ventilation project. We also offer specialised thermally insulated ducting, to help reduce energy losses and prevent condensation.

Semi-rigid Ducting

Explore our ComfoTube range

Insulated Ducting

Explore our ComfoTube Therm & ComfoPipe Plus range

Additional Components

Explore our additional air distribution components


Zehnder offers a range of attenuators designed to reduce noise levels within your ventilation system, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable indoor climate.


Explore our attenuators

Grille Housings

The Zehnder ComfoCase range provides solutions for wall, floor, and ceiling air outlets. These efficient housings support optimal air distribution, enhancing the performance of your ventilation system.

Grille Housings

Explore our ComfoCase range

Filter Housings

NOx Filter Housings

Enhance the quality of your indoor air with our high-grade NOx filtration system. Compatible with all MVHR models, our filter housings ensure optimal performance and filtration.

Learn more about NOx Filtration

Air Distribution

Explore Our NOx Filter Housing

Ducting Manifolds

Zehnder's range of ducting manifolds ensures efficient distribution and collection of air within your ventilation system. Compact and versatile, these solutions can adapt to your specific project needs.

Ducting Manifolds

Explore Our ComfoWell Range

Grilles & Valves

Our range of decorative supply and/or exhaust grilles and valves deliver versatile and aesthetically pleasing solutions for air distribution. From line to circular patterns, these grilles and valves can seamlessly integrate into your building aesthetics and add a finishing touch to your ventilation system.

Supply and/or Exhaust Valves

Explore our ComfoValve range

Decorative Grilles

Explore our ComfoGrid range

Decorative Grilles

Explore Our Floor & Wall Grilles

External Louvres & Roof Terminals

Explore our External Louvres & Roof Terminals

Fire Sleeves and Collars

Any holes made in fire protected walls, ceilings or floors must be fire stopped. Our Fire Sleeves and Collars offer a solution to reinstate the original fire rating of infrastructure within a dwelling by helping to prevent the spread of fire where plastic ductwork penetrates fire compartment walls, ceilings and floors.

Fire Sleeves & Collars

Explore our Fire Sleeves & Collars

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