Comfo Air Flex, In hallway, ceiling installation
Comfortable Indoor Ventilation

Zehnder ComfoAir Flex

Specially developed for apartments and smaller houses, Zehnder ComfoAir Flex is a state-of-the-art MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) unit, designed to maintain optimal comfort level in every room. With the quietest fan technology on the market, this innovative system operates with minimal noise, even when working at its maximum capacity.

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    Ceiling-Mounted Ventilation Unit

    • Space-Saving: Compact unit.
    • Flexible for installation.
    • Low power consumption.
    • High efficiency.
    • Built-in humidity sensor.
    • Connectivity - Integrated WiFi.
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    Less Space, More Flexibility

    Restricted space? The ComfoAir Flex ceiling ventilation unit is specially designed for smaller homes and apartments. Save both space and time with flexible ducts that adapt to any project requirement.

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    Comfo Air Flex, In pantry, ceiling installation

    Maximum Performance, Minimal Energy Consumption

    ComfoAir Flex is available in two versions for properites up to 200m² and 250m². Both versions meet current and future EPB requirements and have an A+ energy rating.

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    Connected and Convenient

    The unit comes equipped with standard WiFi. Installation and control are made simple with the user-friendly Zehnder ComfoControl app, available for free on Android and iOS. Plus, it can be integrated into smart homes through KNX and as required with the CO2 sensor.

    State-of-the-art Ceiling-Mounted Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

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