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Comfo Air Flex, front view, with background
Comfo Air Flex, perspective view,
Comfo Air Flex, In pantry, ceiling installation
Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

ComfoAir Flex 250

  • Multiple installation options
  • Space saving design
  • Energy efficient

Zehnder ComfoAir Flex is a ventilation unit that has been specially developed for apartments and smaller homes, where living space is a valuable resource and needs to be wisely planned. The compact design fits seamlessly in suspended ceilings without sacrificing outstanding performance. Zehnder ComfoAir Flex is equipped with the quietest fan technology on the market and reduces noise levels to a minimum even during full operation. A custom-made heat exchanger and scroll housing ensure a high level of heat recovery while keeping energy consumption low and efficient.

Focus benefits

Multiple installation options

Four turnable bends, adjustable mounting brackets and left and right orientation options make Zehnder ComfoAir Flex a versatile allrounder for flexible ceiling installation.

Comfo Air Flex, perspective view, with Shadow
Comfo Air Flex, Scroll housing, engine,

Energy efficient powerhouse

Clever fan technology optimizes the air flow and lowers noise levels of Zehnder ComfoAir Flex drastically. Flow control technology balances the air streams for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Make the best of all seasons – Climate Switch technology prevents overheating in summer and leverages heat recovery in winter for the best automatically adjusted indoor climate all year round.
  • Every breath you take – Our enhanced filter concept prevents even smallest particles from entering your home. You will only breath in fresh pristine air.
  • Take control – The built-in WIFI connection enables you to control all functions of the unit via Zehnder ComfoControl app.
  • Quick and easy – Thanks to our commission wizard with step-by-step guidance commissioning has never been that easy.




Article no. Model


ModelArticle no.Declaration of performance
CAF250-HRV-UK - Zehnder ComfoAir Flex 250471234220 2304044F25001.pdf(72 KB)
ControlEnergy classEnergy label
ModelArticle no.Declaration of performance
CAF250-HRV-PRH-UK - Zehnder ComfoAir Flex 250 with pre-heater.471234230 2304044F25001.pdf(72 KB)
ControlEnergy classEnergy label
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