The project

The objective was to create an energy efficient home and reduce indoor air quality issues for one of its occupants who suffers with pollen allergies. Reusing as much as 96% of the heat that would otherwise have been lost, a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system ensures adequate ventilation and optimum heat in a sufficiently airtight home, while also adhering to energy efficiency requirements. A summer bypass function helps to deliver comfort during warmer weather. For a domestic new-build project in Surrey, energy efficiency was key in the specification process, thus requiring adequate ventilation. This case study explains how Zehnder’s ComfoAir Q MVHR system supports the property to achieve energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate.


New build property in Surrey


Energy efficiency and aqequate ventilation

The Specifier

Award-winning building consultancy Enhabit

The Product: ComfoAir Q450

With energy efficiency a key driver in the project, the MVHR system was required to help retain heat within the building. The Zehnder ComfoAir Q MVHR system with 100% Filtered Modulating Summer Bypass met all aspects of the specification, and was thus selected by Enhabit, along with Zehnder’s ComfoSense control panel and rigid steel spiral wound ducting.

Optimum acoustic performance, world class heat recovery efficiency and particularly low energy consumption were the key factors informing product selection. Other advantage include:

  • State-of-the-art fan technology for quiet and energy-efficient operation
  • Innovative air flow balancing for maximum heat
  • Heat recovery efficiency – up to 96%
  • Adaptive pre-heater for intelligent temperature control of the drawn-in outdoor air for the best possible energy efficiency
Comfo Air Q, cut-out plate, flat, straight,CA Q,
“The air quality in the house has been excellent and we’re noticing less pollen-related allergic reactions. The system is also very quiet in operation – we don’t hear anything.”

The Homeowner

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