The Project

The project was completed in December 2017, led by architect BYA Liverpool, which contracted New Look Windows to fit all windows on the site. The specific brief given was to maximise the amount of background ventilation provided to the apartments, whilst minimising noise caused by the proximity to the airport. This is where the 5000EA comes in, meeting all specification criteria and Building Regulation requirements.



The redevelopment of Nathans Road, Wythenshawe 

Construction period



BYA Liverpool

Key Advantages

  • Excellent airtightness performance with upward air deflection to reduce risk of draughts
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and easy for the homeowner to open and control
  • Modularity of acoustic sets provides flexibility for installation and performance
  • A simple yet adaptable solution to meet required specification/Building Regulation criteria
  • Achieves 5000EA along with a 42db reduction for maximum airflow and attenuation
“We had a very good experience when using Greenwood’s ventilators on another contract, so we knew exactly what we needed to use to meet the requirements. We always keep ventilators in stock so we can fit them whenever required.”

Jon Tudor, New Look Windows

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