The Project

Knights Place Passivhaus Housing is a sustainable social housing development of 18 one and two-bedroom apartments, designed by Gale & Snowden Architects for Exeter City Council.  Built with meticulous attention to detail, the two blocks have been designed to strict ‘Passivhaus’ standards, which deliver high comfort levels for residents through mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) achieved by the Zehnder CA200. This produces consistent internal temperatures and excellent air quality whilst minimizing energy use for heating and cooling, resulting in lower energy bills. Knights Place is amongst the first multi-residential, certified passive houses in the UK.


The Passive House Standard offers a new level of quality pairing a maximum level of comfort both during cold and warm months.


Passive House buildings are praised for their efficiency due to their high level of insulation and their airtight design.


By combining individual measures any new building anywhere in the world can be designed to reach the Passive House Standard.

With MVHR an integral feature of a Passivhaus development, it was essential that a highly efficient quality MVHR system was specified for Knights Place, enabling the buildings to meet stringent energy performance criteria.  Offering excellent reward in Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) through the Dwelling Emission calculation, Zehnder's CA200 whole house mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system has been specified for each apartment.  Guaranteeing the provision of optimum quality indoor air all year round, the CA200 recovers heat from warm air in kitchens and bathrooms and exchanges it with fresh incoming air supplied to living rooms and bedrooms.  The CA200 system provides both the ventilation and heating needs at Knights Place - no other heating is required.

“Obviously it made sense for us to select a high quality independently accredited MVHR system such as Zehnder's CA200 to help us meet the strict requirements of certification.”

Jason Fitzsimmons, Gale & Snowden

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