The Building

The exhibition building itself comprises two columnfree, rectangular, sub-dividable halls on either side of a central boulevard. Housing catering facilities and information points the boulevard has glass door entrances on both the east and west sides, and is the central walkway in and out of the building, and between the two halls.

Whilst convection heating was installed within the exhibition halls during its initial construction, no heating provision was specified in the boulevard area. Consequently it remained unheated until it was fitted with Zehnder ZBN radiant heating panels in January 2013.

Key achievements

  • Public sector
  • ExCeL London host events,ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences
  • Zehnder ZBN provides an efficient, economical and energy saving heating solution
  • Extremely robust
  • Acoustic absorption, cutouts, ball guards and special solution versions available
  • High system temperatures (max. 120 °C)
  • Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications.

Zehnder ZBN Radiant Heating Panels

After researching the market as to the different heating technologies available Brian contacted Zehnder with a view to assessing radiant technology as an effective solution. Zehnder ZBN is manufactured totally from steel and certified to EN14037. With good regulation and fast heat-up, the Zehnder ZBN offers long-term durability and financial savings. Thanks to the quick response time of the panels, and their ability to directly heat the objects and surfaces within a room, the heating effect is instantaneous as soon as
a door shute, the cold draught was eliminated. This enabled the internal temperature of the walls and floor to return to their previous levels after just 15 seconds. By following the same principle as the sun and heating the fabric of the building, the radiant panels are able to quickly change the environment and ensure an immediate result.

“Suspended from the ceiling and finished in a RAL 9006 white aluminium coating, the Zehnder ZBN panels add to the industrial feel of the centre. Combining an inconspicuous heating source with a discreet aesthetic they blend in seamlessly with the steel work of the building construction.”

Brian Cole, Operations Director at ExCeL London

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