The Project

Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association (LYHA) is a registered social landlord providing affordable homes and services to the people of Leeds and Yorkshire. The Elmetes Estate at Roundhay in Leeds, (part of the LYHA portfolio), consists of 180 social housing properties, including 138 flats. The 1960s concrete-built homes were in need of an energy-efficient ventilation solution to prevent the build-up of condensation and improve the indoor climate. Ventilation is just one aspect of a wider improvement programme on the estate, which has also included cavity wall insulation, replacing heating and hot water systems and the installation of fibre optic broadband.


The consultants, Gilmore + Stones Associates, were particularly impressed by the Greenwood Unity CV3 dMEV extract fan, which met all project requirements, including low energy consumption and the availability of energy consumption usage data. The unit was also highly competitive on price.


Unity CV3

Key Objective

To provide affordable and energy efficient homes


Gilmore + Stones Associates

The Product

Adequate ventilation is critical for health and wellbeing and for keeping homes free from condensation, damp and mould. However intrusive noise, concerns about running costs or under performance can mean that required ventilation rates are not achieved. Unity CV3, the next generation of extractor fan, addresses all of these common ventilation issues. Designed to reduce energy usage and eliminate nuisance noise, the product also provides easy compliance and uses intelligent technology to make installation and set-up straightforward.


Key advantages:

  • Integrated airflow sensing
  • Four airlfow performance points meet regulation room rates requirements for trickle and boost speeds
  • Running levels as low as 14.5dB (min)
  • SMART sensors that ensure the fan only boosts when required
  • Do not disturb feature
  • Capacitive touch technology for quick and easy set up on-site
  • Outstanding SFP performance and reward in SAP
“We engaged a specialist mechanical and engineering consultant who carried out a market review of the options available and identified the Zehnder extractor fan as the best fit for our needs. The fans have now successfully been installed and we have had lots of positive feedback from customers.”

Gavin Fisk, LYHA project lead

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