An all-round flexible solution

With Grade II listing applying to the derelict buildings, the building developers faced the challenge of producing stunning results without breaching the structures’ protected status. The goal for the properties was to transform them into energy efficient houses, maximising comfort for the inhabitants and meeting all relevant Regulations.

Any systems requiring significant installation work or considerable and regular maintenance would not be suitable for the project. With this in mind, it was vital that Hill Bespoke Ltd chose a ducting and ventilation system which was adaptable, easy to install and maintain, and met specific standards in terms of energy and long term performance.

Key considerations in design and product specification


Finding ducting routes to fit within the existing structure of the derelict buildings in a simple and most cost effective manner


Minimise risk of poor workmanship and eliminate issues post installation

Building Regulations

Reducing noise and achieving correct ventilation outputs

Mike Beckett, Director of Hill Bespoke, had previously used Zehnder products and services and was aware of their reputation in providing high quality, easy to install and energy-efficient solutions. Having approached Zehnder with this project and the needs of the existing structure, he was introduced to an MVHR system that used ComfoTube ducting: a semi-rigid design with a radial distribution design.

Mike was impressed by its ability to contribute to noise reduction due to its management of airflow as well as the reduction in energy performance across the entire ventilation system due to lower pressures. This, combined with the speed and
flexibility of the installation process, convinced Mike that ComfoTube ducting was the perfect solution for the Anstey Hall Barn properties.

Design drawings and layouts

The speed and flexibility of the installation process was also praised by those working on the project, with the plumbing team expressing how impressed they were with the products and how simple they were to install.

Since semi rigid ducting can be weaved in and around joists and the building structure, the ComfoTube system required the minimal amount of connection points. Not only does this mean less leakage throughout the system, but a massively reduced installation time on site. The installation team and project managers were so impressed by the products and the installation process, that they have already made enquiries about using ComfoTube ducting for other projects.

"Having used Zehnder’s ComfoTube ducting and ventilation units on this project, I’m confident I won’t use any other system in the future. It met and surpassed all of our criteria and the installation was simple and cost-effective. We couldn’t ask for anything more."

Mike Beckett, Director, Hill Bespoke Ltd

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