Corian Bad 0077


Electric operation

    A beautiful objet d’art. Or so you might think, because this wall-mounted object does not immediately reveal its true function. until you touch the surface and feel the warmth radiating out from it. Then you realize that this art work is in fact a radiator. And your surprise has not come about by mere chance: this product is the outcome of artistic inspiration associated with years of material research: Corian® is the name of the material that has made it possible to develop a new language of form for Zehnder’s radiators. The theme of concentric circles styled by Christian Ghion is reminiscent of a drop of water which causes gentle waves to radiate out when it hits the surface. Waves of water for the eye but behind them, waves of warmth. Rest and movement inspired by the art of zen.


    • Front decorative surface made of Corian® and substructure made of expanded natural graphite
    • Stain-resistant, easy-care Corian® front surface
    • Electric heating elements integrated in the graphite layer ensure rapid, even heat distribution
    • Available for electric operation

    Technical data

    Electric-only operation

    Model H L Power electric heating element
    mm mm Watts
    SPZE-120-075/GF 1230 750 750
    H = height, L = length


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