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Decorative Radiators

Roda Spa

Electric operation

    Warmth and well-being in a contemporary design. Zehnder Roda Spa offers added comfort through its integrated powerful fan that heats bathrooms even more quickly. Available in almost any colour and finish from the Zehnder colour chart.

    Decorative Radiators

    Zehnder Roda Spa - Electric operation

    We also offer the following technologies

    Hydronic operation


    • Wide range of elegant accessories for a variety of combination options
    • Wide range of models supports versatile use
    • Short response time means rooms can be heated up rapidly
    • High thermal output means large rooms are heated up rapidly

    Colour System

    Zehnder Roda Spa - Electric operation
    Traffic White (9016* / RAL 9016)
    * These colours / surfaces are glossy, all others matt.
    Despite extreme care in the painting process of our radiators, slight colour deviations are possible, depending on the production series and compared to other colour carriers (ceramic, paper, metal, ...) as well as screen display.
    RAL and NCS are manufacturer's designations.

    Technical data

    Electric-only operation

    Painted version
    Model H L Power electric heating element
    mm mm Watts
    ROE-090-050/GF 815 500 500
    ROE-150-050/GF 1333 500 750
    ROE-180-050/GF 1629 500 1000
    ROE-200-060/GF 1851 600 1250
    ROE-200-080/GF 1851 800 1500
    H = height, L = length


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