CO2 sensor, C67, LED, on the wall
Explosion, System CO2 Sensor, Green Light Good Air, New Logo
CO2 Sensor, Green Light Good Air, New Logo
Woman on a sofa enjoying good air, CO2 sensor, green light good air, new logo
Controls, Sensors & Connectivity

CO₂ Sensor C

    Focus benefits

    Our roomster for confined spaces

    Zehnder ComfoAir Flex is specially designed to save precious living space. With 1068 x 868 x 299 mm (L x W x H) the compact unit is a perfect fit for any apartment.

    CO2 sensor, In the wall, On the wall, Green light good air, new logo

    Easy installation

    The sensor allows a simple integration via in-wall or on-wall mounting. This ensures easy commissioning of the sensor.

    Convenient control

    Zehnder CO2 sensors can be monitored via the ComfoControl app. Thereafter you can conveniently adjust your ventilation unit with your app to your everyday needs.

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