Hydronic operation

    The athlete of the radiator world – striking, self-assured design consisting of elegantly curved round tubes whose open side allows even very thick towels to be slid on as a convenient way of drying or warming them. Chime from the Zehnder Studio Collection: the round design version made of hand-polished, high-quality stainless steel; can be installed with the open end on the left or right. Zehnder Chime makes a bold statement in your bathroom – and has the added bonus of giving you beautifully pre-warmed towels.

    Decorative Radiators

    Zehnder Chime - Hydronic operation

    We also offer the following technologies

    Electric operation


    • The very best in practical comfort
    • Option to be fitted with the open end on the left or right, ensuring flexibility
    • The hard-wearing stainless steel surface and the radiator’s ergonomic shape make cleaning quick and easy
    • Hand-polished stainless steel
    • Available for operation on central heating system

    Technical data

    Connection to hot water central heating system

    Inox version
    Model H L Heat output
    75/65/20 °C 70/55/24 °C 55/45/24 °C 55/45/20 °C
    mm mm Watts Watts Watts Watts
    CHZ-100-050 1000 500 276 193 114 139
    CHZ-140-050 1380 500 377 272 170 203
    H = height, L = length
    75/65/20 = Nominal heat output according to EN 442


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