Zehnder ZFP, RHC, CP, Ceiling Panel, Zehnder, Reference
ZFP Urban, RHC, CP, Ceiling Panel, Zehnder, Ambience, Picture, 3D, Industrial Design, Office, Loft, Sails, Bricks, Designer, White
ZFP Urban, RHC, CP, Ceiling Panel, Zehnder, Ambience, Picture, 3D, Office, Open Plan, Sails, Loft, White
ZFP Urban, 5m 1500mm, perspective view, Gripple-wire-suspension, red, cutout with background,
Radiant Ceiling Panels

ZFP Urban

    The radiant ceiling panel Zehnder ZFP Urban is specially conceived for office buildings, catering areas or restaurants. Thanks to the many design options offered the ceiling panel can be integrated in a room as a decorative design element or completely unobtrusively. Zehnder ZFP Urban creates open space for unlimited planning ideas. Its’ efficient heating technology, the draught-free cooling capacity, a perforated surface that limits noise or integrated lighting create a feel-good climate where people enjoy working and socialising. Plus, ceiling mounted heating and cooling frees up more space to work and live. ZFP Urban is delivered custom made and ready for installation, plug and play.

    Focus benefits

    Design freedom

    Stylish accent or seamless integration – you can choose from over 700 different colours, 11

    lengths (1,830– 11,830 mm), 9 widths (300 –

    1,500 mm) and smooth or perforated surface.

    ZFP, Office Room, with light,

    Time saving installation

    Up to 9 m² panels in one piece are delivered ready to connect via flexi-hoses which creates a plug and play solution that saves time on site.

    Feel-good climate

    Radiant heat warms your body directly without heating up the ambient air. You feel cosy and energy costs are reduced. Plus, when cooling there is no draught.

    Zehnder ZFP, RHC, CP, Ceiling Panel, Zehnder, Reference


    • Let it become light – the integration of LED-panels within Zehnder ZFP Urban create an ‘All-in-one-solution’ which saves time and money.
    • Save up to 40% energy - when combining Zehnder ZFP Urban with a heat pump the energy use will be optimised even more. Profit from the heating and cooling provided by the heat pump to temper your room.
    • Make operation efficient – Thanks to our volume flow controller for radiant ceiling panels ZFP Urban, ZFP and ZIP there is a minimised pressure loss that enables smaller sizing of the circulation pump.


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