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Radiant Ceiling Panels


    Zehnder ZFP radiant ceiling panels have been designed to form part of innovative modular system, easy to tailor to customer project requirements. Suitable for integration in a multitude of building applications, benefitting from the exceptionally lightweight panel, with impressive stability to facilitate easy installation.

    Focus benefits

    High efficiency

    With a radiation component of up to 89% the energy supplied is transmitted efficiently, which reduces energy consumption. The heating and cooling performance for a comfortable indoor climate is ensured.

    Radiant ceiling panel ZFP, In a warehouse hall, Blue night, Heat radiation, Graphic, Drawn optics,
    Radiant ceiling panel ZFP, with acoustic panel, view from above, variable width

    Planning flexibility

    Thanks its modular principle, Zehnder ZFP can be customised to your needs. Either with an acoustic version to reduce noise levels, various suspension kits for different ceiling types or an adapted width from 300 to 1500 mm.

    Operational reliability

    Factory-installed insulation guarantees consistently high heating performance. The galvanization of all product components provides corrosion resistance when cooling.


    • Modular system supports bespoke requirements of projects
    • Galvanised components throughout deliver maximum corrosion resistance
    • Delivers on performance all year round
    • Advanced construction ensures less suspension points are needed
    • At only 14 kg/m2, the panel is lightweight and ideal for low roof loads
    • High proportion of radiation (80%), ensuring efficient transmission of energy
    • Ideal for differing system temperatures, and interoperability with alternative systems such as heat pumps


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