My Motto is "Carpe Diem"

Bilele, Machine Operator
at Zehnder since 2017

In 2017, I joined Zehnder through a temporary work agency, and one year later my manager asked me if I wanted to start an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship? Back then I had no idea what that word meant, but I said yes. I thought it must be something good, that they saw potential in me. Back at home my girlfriend explained to me that, if you want to have a good future in Germany, you should start an apprenticeship.

I enjoyed the apprenticeship as Machine Operator very much. I worked hard and quickly became a Machine Operator in Packaging. I furthered my training and now I'm responsible for the entire packaging line, already managing a small team. I enjoy going to work, I love the challenges, and my manager gives me a lot of responsibility. What I like the most is when everything is running smoothly again after a malfunction. It can sometimes be difficult to find the bug and fix it, but I focus on the problem and think about solutions even when I’m at home. When we get it right is when I’m really happy. 

Every tattoo I have tells my story. The Carpe Diem tattoo on my arm is a reminder of the day that my manager offered me an apprenticeship. I seized that chance and got to live my dream of having a career in Germany.

Bilele, Machine Operator

The name Zehnder stands for world leading indoor climate solutions. Our inner conviction of what we do increases the comfort and quality of life of every individual in their work or home is what drives us. 

We know that our outstanding performance is based on the commitment, enthusiasm and passion of our entire team. We create a motivational and meaningful work environment with mutual respect, appreciation and openness at every turn.

As a team we work best together.

From Contract Worker to Machine Operator – at Zehnder, everyone can seize their opportunities.

Manual labor is still in demand in our jobs, so our employees receive the best training.

Five questions for Bilele

How do you and Zehnder fit well together? What do you apply from your private life to your job?

“Team spirit! I am a team player and I live that in my work as well. In Italy, I was a good football player and I see my team at Zehnder as a football team. I am the captain and I take care of my teammates. We work together, not against each other. I never say ‘do this or that’. Instead, I say ‘we should do this or that, to reach this or that goal’. When I see that another team here has a lot of work, we go over there and help them out. And they do the same for us.”

You moved up from temporary work to a Machine Operator. What have you learned at Zehnder that has helped you?

“Definitely the German language, that’s the first thing. And Zehnder has taught me to be independent. Through my apprenticeship I can help myself better. When the car rattles, I can hear what the problem is and carry out most repairs myself. Recently I even disassembled my washing machine and got it running again.

Everyone who works at Zehnder brings something to the table. What has your team learned from you?

“I’m the kind of guy that laughs and is content. I leave problems at home; I am always trying to show respect and be in a good mood. Respect is very important to me. I bring my positive vibes, my optimism. I show my team that problems can be seen as challenges and not as uncomfortable obstacles.”

A glimpse into the future: what do you want to become at Zehnder?

“Recently I became the leading Machine Operator. I want to continue advancing in my career; my goal is to not stand still. Why not Factory Manager in ten years?” 

What does our company stand for in your opinion? What makes Zehnder special to you? Can you put this into words?

“Family – I see some colleagues more often than my wife. We share everyday life, care for each other, solidarity, interest in me as a person. Zehnder takes care of
me, it’s like a fellowship.”

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