The Zehnder Showroom - A world of indoor climate solutions awaits

At the heart of the Customer Experience Centre, the showroom presents our full indoor climate offer – along the way you can learn about;


  • Why low surface temperature radiators exist
  • What is radiant heating and cooling technology (we talk about the sun and the whether heat rises or not?)
  • Why polymer radiator technology is the next big thing for heating
  • Why MVHR goes wrong on site – and how to eliminate the issues
  • How mould and condensation could be a thing of the past
  • What Passivhaus really is – more than something you have heard on Grand Designs

Take the tour:

5 things you shouldn’t miss in the showroom;

The iconic multicolumn radiator - Zehnder's invention of Europe's first steel tubular radiator

First ever polymer based radiator - a revolution design and technology

A low energy extractor fan that costs the equivalent of two cans of baked beans to run for the entire year

The world's best performing passive house accredited heat recovery system

The front door to Flat 51 - our purpose built one bedroom apartment with our innovative comfort concept for modern energy efficient homes.



Fresh Air

Clean Air

  • Radiators – elegant and functional for all applications
  • Radiant Heating – ceiling panels
  • Specialist heating solutions for commercial buildings
  • Radiant conditioning – ceiling panels
  • Heat recovery ventilation with cooling options
  • Whole House Ventilation including Passive House Heat Recovery, central extract and single point fans
  • Acoustic ventilation
  • Window vents
  • Industrial ‘dust free’ air purification systems

Other areas of our Customer Experience Centre

Flat 51

Our purpose built one bedroom apartment fitted with the ultimate indoor climate comfort system for the home

The Building

The entire building is kitted out with our solutions so you can see how they look, how they are controlled and how they make an environment feel.

Zehnder Group UK

Zehnder Group is an indoor climate solution specialist responsible for the first steel tube radiator, the first ladder towel rail and the first ever polymer radiator.
Heating – Cooling – Ventilation  is our business

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