Flat 51

Flat 51 is our purpose built microclimate at the Customer Experience Centre.

Flat 51 presents our innovative comfort concept for homes – combining heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity control through one system with simple control

Building Specification

Building Type:

  • 55 m² 1 bedroom apartment


  • 1.6ACH (independently tested by BSRIA)
  • 100mm timberframe structure with 100mm mineral wool
  • Celetex Insulation (Internal/External/Floor/Roof)

‘The first thing you notice about being comfortable is that you don’t notice anything at all’

Why have we created Flat 51?

We believe in comfort and we know in energy efficient homes that the issues of poor indoor air quality and overheating are becoming of increasing concern.  Flat 51 is a chance for everyone to understand how we can deliver this effectively – and the reasons why. 
Flat 51 is our very own ‘feel room’ – you can experience how we create the best indoor climates for homes.

‘We spend 70% of our time within 4 walls – the air we breathe and the way we feel should be our number one home comfort’

Comfort with a Capital C.

Flat 51 and our comfort concept isn’t just based on our own experiences and assumptions – it’s based on science to.
When you visit we will explain and you will feel how you can’t deliver comfort by managing temperature alone and why our magic number is 10.5

Other areas of our Customer Experience Centre

The Showroom

Everything on show for the perfect indoor climate including decorative radiators, radiant heating and cooling systems and comfort ventilation units.

The Building

The entire building is kitted out with our solutions so you can see how they look, how they are controlled and how they make an environment feel.

Zehnder Group UK

Zehnder Group is an indoor climate solution specialist responsible for the first steel tube radiator, the first ladder towel rail and the first ever polymer radiator.
Heating – Cooling – Ventilation  is our business

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