Zehnder Customer Experience Centre
A place to share knowledge, information and ideas on designing and providing comfort for the occupants of buildings of all types and applications.
Zehnder Customer Experience Centre
From motorbikes to radiators to indoor climate solutions. At the Zehnder Experience Centre you can learn all about our journey and see some of the most innovative developments in heating, cooling and ventilation

Zehnder Customer Experience Centre

We invite you to our Customer Experience Centre – a place to share knowledge, information and ideas on designing comfort into builds of all types and applications

The Experience Centre is more than a building with products attached to the wall for you to see - it lets you experience our company and why you should work with us – you can see our solutions and feel them working in their real applications.

Experience Centre – What is there to see?

The Showroom

Flat 51

The Building

What our visitors say about Zehnder Customer Experience Centre

“Above the quality of the product, what matters most to Ripples is the company and people we buy from.  It is clear with Zehnder that service and a can-do attitude is at the heart of their business and with the new Customer Experience Centre they are now in a position to help us develop and secure business too.   Ripples will be taking advantage of this investment to improve our own ability to sell Zehnder products, something we have been doing for many years already”

Paul Crow, Ripples Ltd

“The new Zehnder Experience Centre, is just that. Having attended in recent weeks and as Persimmon Homes Commodity Category Manager for ventilation requirements, this was truly an experience that sets Zenhder apart from its other competitors. To be able to feel, see, touch and understand how all components interact and respond to one another in a real life environment is excellent, and helps us the customer decide on the best solution for our homes across the country”

Adam Lindsay-Smith, Chief Buyer, Persimmon Homes

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