Zehnder ZBN

Manufactured totally from steel and certified to EN14037, Zehnder ZBN Radiant Ceiling Panels provide an efficient, economical and energy saving heating solution, creating a comfortable, uniform distribution of heat. With good regulation and fast heat-up, the Zehnder ZBN offers long-term durability and financial savings.


  • Suitable for all commercial and industrial applications
  • Sports Halls
  • Where robustness is of importance


  • 1.15 mm steel plate facia
  • Ø 25 mm (id) precision steel tube waterways
  • Acoustic absorption, cut-outs, ball guards and special solution versions available
  • Finished in any RAL colour
  • Large space heating
  • High system temperatures (max. 120 °C)
  • Long panel runs (max. 120 m)

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