Sample calculation: Energy saving potential of the Zehnder ZBN 44.5%

Energy saving potential

Calculation formula under DIN V 18599

Basic conditions

Hall height 20 m, room temperature regulation for both systems via PI regulators, air distribution at a normal induction ratio, lateral air outlet.

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Zehnder ZBN 1,00 1,00 0,85 0,89 0,97 1,00
Air heating system 1,00 1,00 1,00 0,63 0,97 1,00
Energy consumption with radiant ceiling panels

Energy consumption with radiant ceiling panels

Energy consumption with air heaters

Energy consumption with air heaters

Principles of Radiant Heating

The most important consideration when choosing a heating and cooling system is energy efficiency. Zehnder radiant heating and cooling systems can save more than 40% in energy compared to other systems. And all with a pleasant indoor climate.

The following visuals compare the energy levels of radiant systems and air heating systems.

With Zehnder ZBN radiant panels, you can achieve energy savings of over 40% through efficient heating and cooling of buildings compared with other methods of heating buildings.

Zehnder radiant ceiling panels work on a fundamental natural principle that is identical to the way in which the sun produces warmth.
We spend almost three quarters of our lives indoors: at home, at work, during our leisure time. The indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is itself a big influence on our general wellbeing.