Zehnder Terraline Neo

The Zehnder Terraline Neo trench heater offers an elegant alternative wherever free-standing radiators should be avoided for reasons of aesthetics or underfloor heating is not possible. All that is visible is the frame, complete with integrated decorative grille. Where natural convection is not sufficient, Zehnder Terraline Neo operates with fan-assisted convection. This not only ensures a high thermal output and keeps windows free of condensation, it makes the room heating much more versatile, allowing it to be switched on as required for short heating phases. The trench heater is ideal for use where there are large areas of full height glazing.


  • Heat exchanger's aluminium and copper construction enables short response times for fast heating of rooms
  • Invisible thermal output, built into the floor
  • Built-in floor construction makes it ideal for use in front of large windows
  • Quiet fan operation makes it suitable for different areas of application
  • Wide range of models supports versatile use
  • Hidden connection technology in the floor
  • Energy efficient thanks to 24 V fan assistance
  • Powerful heat exchanger compatible with heat pump and/or low temperature systems
  • High thermal output means that even large rooms are heated up rapidly
  • Central control unit with automatic room thermostat ensures an individual and comfortable room temperature
  • Combines with Zehnder Comfosystems for comfortable indoor ventilation
  • Special solutions support a wide range of applications, such as angled options or versions with cut-outs
  • The grille can be walked on and ensures the necessary stability
  • With several designs available, the decorative grille and frame make it possible to create an individual look
  • High level of thermal output also for old buildings with a high heat load
  • An alternative in old buildings where radiators should be avoided or underfloor heating is not possible