Zehnder Electric and Dual Energy options

Electric only

Zehnder's range of electric only heating radiators, with their factory fitted elements, provide economical and efficient heating wherever required.




Energy savings electronic room temperature control with programmable or manual temperature boost for towel drying. (Image shows unit with hinged cover in the open position).

Programmable infrared electronic regulation system with constant, economy, boost and automatic settings. Equipped with a thermal fuse. (The shape of the Safir receiver differs to suit the radiator design. The image shows the Infra red control unit).

Remote infrared temperature and programme control 35°C to 70°C. Equipped with a thermal fuse. (Unit extends 150mm below radiator).


Alura control unit


9 heat settings plus 5 mode settings. Can be used independently or be wired into a central programming unit.

Electronic temperature control unit ensuring precise regulation of temperature. 6 temperature settings plus 5 mode settings. (No heat, frost protection, comfort, Eco, and auto for central programming).

Ergonomically positioned control unit. 5 heat settings plus option to reduce the set level by 3.5°C for night time use.
Central and manual programming functions.

Dual Energy option

Zehnder radiators fitted with dual energy heating options continue to offer warmth and comfort throughout the home during summer months when the central heating system is not in use.


Simple Immersion

Manual and programmable operations, 2 temperature settings, 2 hour programmable timer. Equipped with a thermal fuse.
Chromium plated t-piece included with dual energy version.

Electric element without controls. Chromium plated t-piece included with dual energy version. Optional Zehnder simple immersion heater element and cable cover - Chrome Finish