New Sizes in Zehnder Ax Spa
With its single or double tube options, the unique Zehnder Ax Spa meets all bathroom heating requirements, including new sizes to fit under bathroom windows.
Copper-Black Hammered Finish
Bring warmth, texture and style into your home with a Zehnder Charleston finished in Copper-Black Hammered Finish.
Made to Measure Options
If you need a curved, angled or non-standard size radiator, take a look at our Charleston, Ax, Kleo and Roda radiator ranges.

Decorative radiators

Advice and knowledge

The wide range of modern Zehnder Heated Towel Rails provide comfort and warmth in bathrooms, as well as cloakrooms and ensuite shower rooms.  Available in many shapes, finishes and sizes.

Take inspiration from the wealth of shapes, colours and dimensions in the Zehnder range of radiators to create a home bursting with personality.

With multiple temperature settings on the control units, every room can be customized to maximise efficiency, economy and your comfort.

Whether you need a curved radiator for a bay window or an angled radiator for the corner of your room, or perhaps a radiator with a mirror or bench to perch on, we have a special solution for your home.

Extras that make life easier: Whether towel rings or rails, whether towel hooks or laundry hangers, the Zehnder's radiator accessories selection keeps everything tidy.

Electric only
Zehnder's range of electric only heating radiators, with their factory fitted elements, provide economical and efficient heating wherever required.

Dual Energy option
Zehnder radiators fitted with dual energy heating options continue to offer warmth and comfort throughout the home during summer months when the central heating system is not in use.

Outdated heating systems not only burden the family budget, but also the climate. In order to reduce the heating energy consumption, the heating system should be optimized. Suitable new radiators ensure energy efficiency.

Zehnder's range of original, quality and exclusive radiator valves complement and enhance the design of the radiators. 
A wide selection of manual and thermostatic valves are available in many traditional and contemporary styles and finishes.

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