NOx Filters – Indoor Air Quality

The Air Quality Issue

Did you know that DEFRA estimates that NO2 pollution causes up to 23,500 premature deaths and that traffic pollution is contributing to the rising number of children with Asthma

Regulations surrounding Air Pollution and Indoor Air Quality are having to be met on an increasing basis and this is linked to Ventilation Strategy.  Many boroughs are now being declared as Air Quality Management Areas

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Recovery is a whole house solution and is widely considered to improve indoor air quality by ensuring a balanced and filtered level of fresh air is provided to the home.

With limited penetrations in the external façade of the building, it is the ideal ventilation strategy for sites face planning restrictions for high noise and poor air quality

Heat Recovery + NOx Filtration

Drawing air from outside into an energy efficient home requires filtration and as standard MVHR units offer G3 filtration for pollen and other such airborne partcles.

Where air quality restrictions in in place and need to be met, additional high grade filters can be integrated into the whole house system.  NOX filters often combine G3 and carbon filtration.

Designing in NOx Filtration

Using Heat Recovery as a ventilation strategy is more than the unit itself.  Ducting and other integrated components have direct impact on the installed performance of the system.

Adding additional filters into the system can increase resistance and directly impact performance. 

You need confidence that the correct airflow levels can be met throughout the system and they are long lasting to help reduce maintenance cycles and costs

Meeting Air Quality Targets for New Homes – AQMA’s

Watch Carl discuss Ventilation Strategy for AQMA’s (Air Quality Management Areas) where additional high frade NOx filtration is required in conjunction with Heat Recovery Ventilation.  Learn about how the filter works and key considerations for specification.