Zehnder Filter housing NOx

MVHR is a holistic whole house ventilation solution. We focus design on a total system approach to ensure the best performance is achieved and the elimination of noise and costs associated with complaints and call backs due to poor performance when installed.

Our NOX filters have been designed to ensure they provide the crucial levels of filtration required, minimise impact on the airflow performance of the system, are long lasting, helping reduce maintenance cycles and costs.

  • High grade NOX filtration to help meet the requirements of Air Quality Planning Regulations
  • Five options to suit all MVHR models – including Zehnder ComfoAir Q and Greenwood Vireo units
  • Sized to minimise additional energy consumption from the system

Meeting Air Quality Targets for New Homes – AQMA’s

Watch Carl discuss Ventilation Strategy for AQMA’s (Air Quality Management Areas) where additional high frade NOx filtration is required in conjunction with Heat Recovery Ventilation.  Learn about how the filter works and key considerations for specification.