Fresh Air - always: Filter Maintenance!

Comfofresh ducting

Ensuring that clean air stays clean.

Once ducting is installed in the fabric of the dwelling, it isn't easily replaced. But that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be easy to clean and maintain.

Ducting is one part of a whole house ventilation system that is most often overlooked when it comes to maintenance - out of sight, out of mind.

By using Zehnder Comfofresh for the home's supply and extract runs, you provide the perfect opportunity for occupants to keep their air even cleaner.

In the first instance, the ducting contains a special, patented internal coating, called Clinside. This smooth surface prevents dirt and moisture from getting trapped which inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria. In fact, tests by both the Hygiene Institute for the Ruhrgebiet, Germany, and the SKZ independent test house certify that as much as 98% of all dust build up from the ducting system can be easily removed!

Secondly, the radial ducting approach means that each individual duct can be simply and effectively cleaned. By removing the extract or supply valve and using the flexible rod style sweep, any gather dirt can be loosened and sucked up through the nozzle of a vacuum hose.

Unlike filters, ducting doesn't need to be cleaned regularly - every couple of years should be sufficient for the average home.

A handy hint for the installation:
During the installation of Comfofresh, always use the end caps supplied with the ducting to ensure that the dirt and dust of the building site stays out of the ventilation system.

Check your extract valves….

They have filters too!

It's not only the HRV unit that has filters. Extract valves can have them as well.

By positioning filters between the valve and the ducting, you prevent most of the grease and grime associated with kitchens and wet rooms from entering the ventilation system.

Remember to factor these into your regular maintenance schedule. These will need to be replaced, rather than cleaned.

Don't forget the heat exchanger.

Whether your whole house ventilation system includes an HRV or an ERV, they both have exchangers at the heart of them which pass air across them and so need to be kept clean for continued excellent indoor air quality.

Zehnder's heat and enthalpy exchangers have built-in Microban(R) antimicrobial technology which prevents bacteria and microbe growth.

Even so, it is still worth the occasional clean - we would suggest once every ten years for the average dwelling.

Extremely easy to clean, you simply disconnect from the mains before removing the exchanger from the unit. It can be washed and left to drip dry at any time, as long as the outdoor temperature is above 0oC.