Intelligent ventilation control for customised year round comfort

Zehnder ComfoAir units can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. These easy-to-use controls range from standard switches to fully integrated LCD displays featuring programmable timers and system status messages.

The controllers can be linked with a variety of proprietary sensors to enhance comfort and offer total flexibility.

By combining Zehnder units with any of our range of controllers you are ensuring that the system can be truly tailored to become an integral and autonomous part of the home.

Proprietary sensors

Reacting to the indoor environment, so you don't have to!

The ComfoAir Luxe and Luxe PH models can operate with up to four 0-10V sensor inputs. These Zehnder open or closed loop sensor options offer added boost speed functionality when excessive levels of relative humidity (RH) or CO2 are detected within the home.

The system can be programmed to operate with mixed or identical sensors and all can be set at different levels around the home – the highest setting will always take precedence. However, the sensors can always be overridden by the occupant using the ComfoSense or RFZ controls, meaning that they always maintain full control over their comfort levels.

To see the range of comfort controls download our datasheet