Comfort cooling

The Goldilocks problem…

First we were too cold, now we're too hot. How can we get it just right?

Overheating hasn’t always been an issue with UK homes - low levels of insulation and gaps in the building envelope have provided accidental ventilation. Today’s new homes are highly insulated and tested for their airtightness. This is causing a rise in reports of unpleasantly high temperatures within homes - and this is whilst our summers are still relatively moderate.

Zehnder ComfoCool custom cooling unit

How does it work?

Zehnder ComfoCool is equipped with a compression cooling system, as is used in refrigerators. This process releases energy that is discharged in the air exhausted from the dwelling. The result is that energy is transferred from the supply air (which becomes cooler and drier as a result) to the exhaust air (which heats up as a result).

The combination of Zehnder ComfoCool and MVHR cools more efficiently, as the heat recovery unit then behaves more like a ‘cold recovery unit’ in warm weather. Warm fresh air is pre-cooled by the heat recovery unit and then cooled further by Zehnder ComfoCool.

Why not air conditioning?

Zehnder ComfoCool comfort cooling unit is designed to work differently.

  • An air conditioner recirculates air present in the dwelling but does not help to ventilate it
  • Single air conditioning units only work in the room in which they are located, whereas Zehnder ComfoCool cools the air supplied to all habitable rooms within the dwelling
  • Zehnder ComfoCool offers low energy consumption and low noise
  • It offers a compact, unobtrusive cooling solution
  • The condensate drainage is combined with the ventilation unit
  • Zehnder ComfoCool is easily integrated with the ventilation system – no additional installations
  • No outside unit or chiller is required
  • ComfoCool starts automatically when the indoor temperature is higher than the preset internal comfort temperature, and when passive cooling with outside air does not provide enough cooling