ComfoPipe ducting

Highly insulated, airtight and easy to install.

Choose ComfoPipe for all of your low energy new build and refurbishment projects.

Today's building standards call for increasingly airtight construction of buildings to save valuable energy. This significantly reduces a natural exchange of air in the building. The ideal solution to ensure that air is exchanged is a comfort ventilation unit from Zehnder Comfosystems.

The Zehnder ComfoPipe range of intake and exhaust air systems is an important part of the ventilation system, as it complies with building energy efficiency requirements, providing planning reliability at the same time. The Zehnder ComfoPipe range provides superb insulation meeting high standards with regard to the installation of outside and exhaust air systems within the thermal building envelope.

Thanks to the high-quality insulation materials, thermal requirements are met at a maximum tube wall thickness of only 43 mm (ComfoPipe Plus). Five pipe dimensions for the round system and a small number of formed parts simplifies planning and installation.

In addition, the ComfoPipe Plus Twin Pipe system has been designed in conjuction with the ComfoAir 180 heat recovery ventilation unit. With high performance refurbishment projects at the top of the agenda, this compact, highly insulated system offers real benefits.

A combination of axial and radial seals ensures a strong, airtight connection and the low profile design requires only 20cm of space to be available above the HRV.

Exhausting to a unique 2-in-1 external grille offers additional space saving benefits and the push-fit components convert easily to our Flat 51 system for all of the supply and extract duct runs.


Zehnder ComfoPipe

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