ComfoFresh radial semi-rigid ducting

Zehnder ComfoTube and Flat 51 offer a whole host of benefits to the developer, the installer and the occupants.

Speed and flexibility

You need to be able to install a ducting system quickly, knowing that it will deliver the correct ventilation rate.

  • A simple repeatable process that requires the minimum of skills yet still ensures a great installation.
  • Supplied on long rolls meaning far fewer connections - just 18 in a typical 4 bed property compared to 104 with traditional ducting.
  • Flexible enough to work around joists but no so flexible that you risk creating kinks or sharp bends.
  • The airtight locking system means that no glues or sealants are required on-site.

Robust during installation

Even the harshest on-site environment won't cause problems for our ducting system!

  • Developed in Germany where ducting is frequently embedded within concrete floors, Comfofresh is strong enough to withstand up to 8kN/m2 of force!
  • This gives you the confidence that there is no risk of crushed, bent or distorted ductwork to affect the performance of the ventilation system.

Fit for life

Once embedded in the fabric of the building, the ducting is there to stay - so how can you ensure its continued performance?

Thanks to its minimal number of joints and radial installation, Comfofresh allows for rigourous cleaning without risk of disconnecting or misaligning the parts.

The ducting also has a patented, smooth "Clinside" interior which prevents dirt and moisture getting trapped, thereby inhibiting the growth of mould and bacteria.

Independently tested and certified for hygiene, Comfofresh is the perfect choice to maintain the prolonged health of the building and its occupants.

Guaranteed Installed Performance - every time!

Delivering what you should - not what you shouldn't.

Comfofresh provides individual, room-by-room airflow commissioning capability via its radial approach. This means that there should be no problems with building sign-off and no expensive remedial work to remedy rooms not meeting the specified rate.

Another key benefit of using this approach is the removal of noise transfer within the home - a common problem and cause for discomfort with traditional branch/leg layouts.

Zehnder ComfoTube

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Zehnder ComfoTube Flat 51

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