How about a world class 96% heat recovery efficiency?
The new ComfoAir Q range offers outstanding energy and noise performance and smart technology that helps improve installation process and accuracy on-site.
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A constant supply of fresh air in the indoor spaces in which we spend more than 70% of our time is vital for our health. Zehnder Comfosystems comfort ventilation systems provide an assurance that equal amounts of stale and fresh air will be exchanged.
Fresh Air
Zehnder Comfosystems
The comfort indoor ventilation system offers many advantages.

Comfortable indoor ventilation solutions


Ducting and Accessories

A unit for all property sizes

As with everything in life, it is important to have the right tools for the job. As individual buildings come in many shapes and sizes, it is critical that each is designed to provide the same level of indoor air quality - irrespective of size or layout.
Zehnder has a comprehensive range of units which can be tailored to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of dwellings from smart, urban apartments to large, luxury dwellings.

The impact of poor indoor air quality on health is increasingly in the news and the strict performance requirements now have to be met for new dwellings in urban areas.

The EU Directive 2008/50/EC sets out the stringent levels for NO2 which are being exceeded in citites such as London, Birmingham and Manchester

High level NOX filtration combine with a Heat Recovery System is an ideal solution to meet these high level planning and air quality requirements

The Goldilocks problem…

Overheating hasn’t always been an issue with UK homes - low levels of insulation and gaps in the building envelope have provided accidental ventilation. Today’s new homes are highly insulated and tested for their airtightness. This is causing a rise in reports of unpleasantly high temperatures within homes - and this is whilst our summers are still relatively moderate.

The summer by-pass function in a MVHR units is a crucial in helping reduce discomfort due to excessive heat in the summer months – basically the unit needs to stop doing one of its core jobs of recovering and reusing heat!

Today there are many different types, so it shouldn’t just be a tick boxing exercise that the unit has it or not.

First you must understand what the definition of a TRUE summer by-pass is and then how it is activated when it gets hot!


What does enthalpy involve?

The Zehnder Enthalpy Exchanger recovers both the thermal and the latent energy from the stale air extracted from wet rooms around the home. This additional energy, which would otherwise have been lost, is transferred into the incoming fresh air stream before being supplied to habitable rooms.

Choosing the enthalpy exchanger, rather than the standard heat exchanger, means that the unit becomes an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system, as opposed to solely a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system.

Products and systems that are full of advantages.

Zehnder truly believes that if you are creating a system solution then you need integrated produts which are designed to fit together.

ComfoAir MVHR units can be installed in conjunction with sub soil exchangers and helps improve the efficiency of the system in airtight homes by utilising natural energy sources

Passive House and Low Energy Dwellings

We are experienced in high performance housing and how to design units that ensure that the house of tomorrow is a reality for today.  We are members of Minergie, the AECB and a founder member of the Passivhaus trust.  We have a range of Passive House accredited MVHR units available for a wide range of projects

Noise from an MVHR system is a symptom of incorrect design, poor installation and failure to maintain the system throughout the year.

This doesn’t have to be the case and the costly call backs and re-works post completion can be eliminated by ensuring you follow the principles of designing out noise at the beginning of each project.

We provide here our best practise reccommendations to ensure MVHR is delivered without nuisance noise

Our premium, quality assured ducting ranges are designed to make installation and Building Regulation compliance easier. They improve performance and, most importantly, have been designed with long-term effectiveness and maintenance in mind.

The Zehnder ComfoPipe range of intake and exhaust air systems is an important part of the ventilation system, as it complies with building energy efficiency requirements, providing planning reliability at the same time. The Zehnder ComfoPipe range provides superb insulation meeting high standards with regard to the installation of outside and exhaust air systems within the thermal building envelope.

Zehnder ComfoAir units can be simply and effectively controlled to ensure optimal performance around the clock. The controllers can be linked with a variety of proprietary sensors to enhance comfort and offer total flexibility.

Our designer grilles discreetly conceal the outlets for supply and extract air when used with a whole house heat recovery ventilation system.

Fresh air promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a rise in asthma and other allergic symptoms due to the levels of allergens such as pollen, dust mites, VOCs and mould.

Our whole house ventilation systems can be fitted with a range of filters to suit the location of the dwelling and its occupants.

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Ventilation solutions for residential dwellings.

Eliminating MVHR Noise – Best Practise Guide

Nuisance noise from an MVHR system is a symptom of incorrect design and installation or lack of maintenance.

DOWNLOAD now our best practise guide on eliminating noise from MVHR which includes details on;

  • Building Regulation Guidance on Noise levels
  • Why and were noise occurs in an MVHR system
  • 6 key reccommendations to design out noise and eliminate costs and call backs associated with complaints

New NOX filtration for MVHR Units – Meeting Air Quality Planning Requirements

With increasingly emphasis placed on health in homes, the need to improve indoor air quality is driving focus on ventilation strategies used in new homes. Poor Indoor Air Quality is a serious issue and is linked to rising asthma, serious respiritaory illnesses, dementia and even death.

Do you need to meet Air Quality Planning Restrictions?

We can provide:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation NOX Filtration
  • Meets the requirements of the European Union Air Quality and Clean Air for Europe 2008 Directive
  • Range to suit varying models and dwelling sizes with minimal impact on performance
  • Unique solution for maintenance visits to reduce time and costs on site

New range of MVHR units - ComfoAir Q

The new ComfoAir Q range offers outstanding energy and noise performance and smart technology that helps improve installation process and accuracy on-site. 

  • 3 Models - 300m³/hr, 450m³/hr and 600m³/hr
  • Suitable for medium and large size properties: up to 230m²
  • Passive House Certified
  • On-site interchangeable orientation – right and left handing
  • Wall mounted or free standing on mount
  • World class heat recovery of 96%
  • Intelligent temperature sensing for optimum comfort
  • Smart technology for simple, installation and commissioning


Zehnder comfortable indoor ventilation: What's it all about?