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Three tips on how to retain your top talent

Your company is only as good as the people who work for it. So you need to hire wisely and create an environment that will motivate employees to come to work. Read three tips on how to get it right…

Air cleaning that radically upgrades clean room conditions

Without a doubt, creating a clean room costs a lot of money. Read our case study to learn about our simple, flexible solutions to avoid high costs while still improving air quality.

Safeguard your corporate image with an industrial air purification system

Think about how quickly we form impressions of people before we even meet them. Until we have more information at hand, we judge based on external factors and this applies to how we engage with brands too. Read more about how you safeguard your corporate image.

Reducing operating costs: start with your warehouse cleaning procedure

You are probably already aware of many of the tips on how to save your business money.

How a clean warehouse keeps your key stakeholders content

Keeping your key stakeholders happy doesn’t have to be difficult. Having a clean warehouse or factory is a good start.

How to make food inspectors happy

For deep freeze logistics experts the cleaning topic involves a lot of efforts.

Recycling: Cleaner environment increases productivity

We think of recycling as a modern phenomenon, but our species has been doing it for centuries.

Unbeatable effectiveness in the long term

“Good things are here to stay for those who wait” could be the modern version of the well-known saying, particularly when referring to air cleaning technology from the Zehnder Group.

Legislation is behind: why indoor air quality also matters

The quality of outdoor air is widely regulated to protect our health. So much so that a variety of measures such as driving bans, have been put in place. But, have you ever considered that the air inside your factory or warehouse might be even more polluted than the outside air? We show you why legislation is behind.