Eliminating Noise from MVHR

Building Regulations

Noise levels are prescribed in the Building Regulations as guidelines for homes in both habitable and non habitable rooms. The levels refer to continuously running ventilation systems such as MEV and MVHR.

Living Rooms/Bedrooms

An upper limit of 30dB(A) weighted sound power level.


An upper limit of 35dB(A) weighted sound power level.

Noise Complaints

Complaints from homeowners cost money both in time and additional work that needs to take place. Just like a dripping tap, once noise is heard it can’t be unheard! Noise could be generated from in room grilles that have not be commissioned correctly, poor ducting installation with a high percentage of leakage – meaning more resistance in the system and higher running speeds to ensure performance is delivered and more.

Watch Ru our MVHR technical guru explain the reasons why noise might be an issue and how to overcome it.

Design out Noise

A good design that utilises the correct components will eliminate nuisance noise from the system including the use of low velocity ducting, attenuators, but also looking at overall layout and positioning of the system around the dwelling. … of course design is just one part. On-site is where a good design can go very wrong.

DOWNLOAD our BEST PRACTICE Guidance on eliminating noise from MVHR systems.