Zehnder welcome CIBSE TM59 Guide on Overheating in Homes

"CIBSE's introduction of TM59, the design methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes, is a positive indication that the building services industry is continuing to take the issue of overheating seriously. Overheating has been a growing concern for many years, due to the increasing trend to create airtight houses and the impact it can have on our sleep, our health and our well-being. Noise and air quality issues have also added to the problem, emphasising the requirement for good architectural design without compromising the health and safety of the occupants.


"TM59 has brought together TM52 and CIBSE Guide A to create a universal document that has filled in some of the gaps previously open to abuse, such as occupancy and equipment gain profiles in addition to communal corridor gains and window or blind usage. These tools ensure that measures to control overheating, ventilation, noise and air quality can all be considered and designed into a project from the very beginning,  rather than being an afterthought which is costly and difficult to manage, enabling the property to also be futureproofed for rising global temperatures. We now have the technology, skills and opportunity to apply advanced thermo-modelling techniques to every building which is planned and constructed, to design out overheating, and we must take this chance to design and deliver housing which achieves the balance between comfort, health and energy efficiency."


Rupert Kazlauciunas

Technical Product Manager - MVHR

Zehnder Group UK