Zehnder’s ComfoAir Q Shortlisted For Two H&V News Awards

Zehnder Group UK’s innovative ComfoAir Q MVHR unit range has gained industry recognition by being shortlisted for two prestigious H&V News awards, hosted by the well-respected H&V News magazine. Listed for both the Domestic Product of Year and the Air Movement Product of the Year categories, ComfoAirQ has been acknowledged for its innovation, effectiveness, and environmental performance.

The new ComfoAir Q MVHR range provides one of the most energy efficient performances in the market  – 96% heat recovery efficiency -  which ultimately provides the greatest energy saving to homeowners and energy bills. It also leads in the noise stakes – the sound produced by a ComfoAir Q unit is equivalent to eight comparative competitor products.

The ComfoAir Q units are now central to the MVHR system approach offered by Zehnder. The delivery of effective heat recovery ventilation is much more than just the unit itself and the ComfoAir Q range is designed using components that complement each other and tackle some of the key issues such as nuisance noise. It’s not about ‘pay now and pay later’; it’s about getting it right first time. With sophisticated technology, improved airflow performance and simplified commissioning process, ComfoAir Q makes it easy to comply.

Rupert Kazlauciunas, Senior Technical Advisor at Zehnder Group UK Ltd, comments:

“ComfoAir Q is a real glimpse of the future – exactly the kind of ventilation technology needed by modern airtight buildings including those built to the PassivHaus standard. It isn’t just about ticking energy efficiency boxes at the design stage, it is a highly effective unit that offers benefits and value throughout the process, as part of the total system and ultimately at the point it is needed: in the home with the occupant.”